20 DECEMBER 2023

TM Italia consolidates its business strategies

2023 has been a complex year for the furniture industry, with international scenarios changing rapidly. We are particularly happy to observe how quality, design and service have been confirmed as strategic levers of development and continue to generate international attractiveness towards the best Made in Italy. Our Culture of Uniqueness continues to be appreciated by the most demanding public and creates the prerequisites for a path of great company growth.

Progetto della cucina

More than 20 new business synergies have been initiated by the company in various countries, consolidating its global presence. Greece, Malta, Cyprus, France, Spain, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the USA and New Zealand are the markets that have revealed the most excitement this year.

Greece, Switzerland and France, which had already been established for some time, experienced a strong acceleration with five new points of sale. Switzerland has two new openings during the year in Evionnaz and Cadenazzo. Other markets such as Cyprus, Malta, Belgium, Spain, the Emirates and New Zealand are new markets where the offer of exclusive products and Italian design is proving successful, with no less than 6 new sales locations.

The United States is confirmed as the company’s first market, with as many as 10 new partnerships in 2023. We are pleased to see how the best distributors of high-end furniture recognise in TM Italia the opportunity to increase their business with high quality products and an unlimited degree of customisation with which to satisfy the most demanding public. As many as 6 showrooms in the States will display our creations in prestigious and exclusive settings in California, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia and Texas.

TM Italia | Processi di produzione e montaggio

We are proud of the results of this commercial expansion and look to the future with great optimism. TM Italia will continue to work to offer innovative and customised products, refining the level of customer service and streamlining production systems with major industrial investments. Our ever-increasing global presence confirms that we are on the right track and it drives us to improve every day in order to meet the high expectations that the best international partners have placed on us,” says Gianluca Tondi – CEO of TM Italia.