TM Italia has always adopted a systemic approach with respect to the themes of quality and sustainability, which guarantee all the standards of an industrial system while maintaining the flexibility of a one-off production plant.

This is the model of advanced craftsmanship with which TM Italia responds to a model of economy on a human scale. Since 2015 TM Italia has obtained ISO 9001 quality management certification whose purpose is the pursuit of customer satisfaction as well as maintaining and improving the quality of its products over time.

TM Italia | Processo di montaggio


The production, proudly 100% Italian, uses structures made of renewable raw materials produced by a certified responsible supply chain, which guarantees the origin from responsibly managed forests and with high standards of environmental protection. All the panels are 100% made from post-consumer and recyclable wood certified Pannello Ecologico and Remade in Italy. In 2023 the company achieved the FSC chain of custody certification ensuring that the wood used in the production process comes from responsibly managed forests that prioritize environmental, social, and economic benefits. Great attention is being paid to the quality of domestic environments thanks to the controlled use of chemical substances in the treatment of materials. In this regard, the Catas E1, PFS TECO.CARB P2 certifications specifically requested for the US market are also used on all other markets as they guarantee stricter rules in the terms of emissions and the release of chemical substances to the environment.


TM Italia | imballaggio


A just-in-time method allows to optimize the supplies, the production and the resulting waste. The just-in-time production model allows to avoid any waste in supply, selecting only the best materials according to specific needs. Every single component is processed with CNC systems that maximize yield and reduce production waste below 10%. Even the packaging of each individual component is made to measure with the CNC system using recycled cardboard of the highest quality, which allows the reduction of transport damage, the absence of waste and the absence of dimensional stocks.


The quality of the raw materials, together with the accuracy of processing and internal controls allow for very high product quality and an average product life well above the industry average. The components of TM Italia kitchens can be disassembled and recycled at the end of their life-cycle.

TM Italia | Cucine

The system of environmental attention that the company continuously improves throughout the entire projecting process from design to logistics through innovative projects with universities and research centers, also provides for the self-production to date of 40% of the energy requirement with renewable sources and a CO2 savings of 44,748 kg per year. In 2020 Confindustria, in the context of the “Best Circular Economy Performer” contest, recognized TM Italia as the most circular small-medium enterprise in Italy, rewarding the good environmental practices of the Piceno manufacturing excellence among 210 participating companies.

TM Italia | Processo di produzione
TM Italia | Cucina design Oreadi, eco-sostenibile


This green kitchen is the result of research developed in 2012 with the designers Angela Sanfrancesco and Daniele Galloppo for the University of Camerino with the scope of reducing the quantity of CO2 emissions and the use of energy resources and raw materials, favoring the possibilities of disassembly, recycling and reuse as well as introducing innovative technical contents to reduce the environmental impact not only in the production phases but also in domestic use.

The Oreadi project integrates:
  • an internal composter that transforms organic waste into natural fertilizer for the garden integrated in the kitchen;
  • a tap for the production of sparkling drinking water in order to reduce the quantity of plastic waste;
  • an intelligent sensor that analyzes the waste water, purifies it and collects it in an internal tank used for the dishwasher, the internal garden, the green wall;
  • a zeer pot, a natural terracotta refrigeration solution that maintains the temperature of drinks, fruit and vegetables without any energy consumption.
TM Italia | Cucina eco-sostenibile
  •  An air purifier by the means of the green wall of Tillandsia Usneoides, the depolluting plant capable of purify an environment of over 50 square meters;
  • all other appliances are energeticaly highly efficient, classified in class A +++ of the energy label.

All the panels and the structure are made with second life cycle materials, such as the re-board, the composite panels made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials such as paper and wood, oil-free resins and water-based finishing colors, the fully recycled Alusion™ aluminum foam.

TM Italia | Cucina eco-sostenibile Oreadi
TM Italia | Cucine su misura
TM Italia | Cucine su misura


We give space to your creativity, so that each of your projects is as unique as it deserves to be.


  • Know-how gained from thousands of completed projects
  • Infinite combinations to create your own unique design
  • Over ten years of relentless research and development
  • Constant support from our professionals
  • Our culture of pro-activity


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