TM Italia’s stylistic maturity is represented by these models. Nine proposals for different kitchens, a compositional base through which you can develop your own kitchen space project.

New Made to Measure catalogue: a collection of the best TM Italia projects

A concept of "breaking up" space and aggregative systems that look beyond industrial rationality.
A sophisticated reinterpretation of the industrial style of large lofts, in which spaces blend together and the kitchen is integrated into the living room.
The charm of archetypes, re-interpreted in neo-decò key. A stylist solution that confers character to the entire environment.
Sought-for essentiality. The discreet charm of technique and precious details that exalt the environment in perfect harmony with the architectural space.
Carefully selected, natural materials matched to original finishes and details. The design quality allows creating a unique style, in harmony with the space.
Inspired by the nautical world, the composition combines synthesis and research of details through extremely compact lines and a skilful alternation of solids and voids.
Sober elegance, tailor-made details and flagship accessories. A grandiose stage for the daily show of the Italian kitchen.
Stylistic awareness, precious materials matched with taste, open solutions that adapt to any space, functional customisations to render each project unique.
Freestanding Corian Kitchen with multi-functional solutions that adapt to any space. The freedom to customise colours and materials with a modern and informal look.