The choice to collaborate with Research Centers and Universities, such as Unicam, IUAV, Parsons School and Domus Academy, to experiment with new concepts, cutting-edge materials and technologies has always been part of TM Italia’s philosophy.

The R&D team develops innovative projects in terms of ergonomics, functionality, automation, accessibility and environmental sustainability, looking to the future and developing new visions and ways of conceiving the kitchen space.


The contents of the LAB research projects represent a wealth of knowledge and a methodological culture that the company transfers vertically to each kitchen project. The innovation clusters of the LAB concepts can be tailor-made across the wide range of products in the catalogue. Thus the LAB becomes the heart of corporate research, on the themes of technical and technological innovation, home automation, materials and environmental sustainability.


TM Italia | Cucina design Petra18, in pietra e bronzo
TM Italia | Cucina design FX Carbon, dispensa estraibile
TM Italia | Cucina design Neolite, colonne in sicomoro e laccatura metallica, isola in pietra e bronzo
TM Italia | Cucina design Oreadi, eco-sostenibile
TM Italia | Cucina design Off kitchen, bianca, isola trasformabile in tavolo
TM Italia | Cucina Rua
TM Italia | Cucina D90/12
TM Italia | Cucina H-DOMO
TM Italia | Cucina design Oreadi, eco-sostenibile


TM Italia has developed a responsible industrial system and a carefully selected supply chain, with a systemic and integrated approach with respect to environmental sustainability that ranges from the reduction of waste to the production of renewable energy exceeding 50% of the needs, to logistical optimization, durability of the product, post-consumer disposal, use of recycled and recyclable raw materials. In 2020 TM Italia was recognized as the most circular Small-Medium Enterprise in Italy as part of the “Best Performer of the Circular Economy” contest organized by Confindustria with the support of Luiss Business School, Enea, Symbola Foundation, Osservatorio 4.Manager .



TM Italia was the leader in the HDOMO 2.0: Human-based Domotics 2.0 project, aimed at creating an intelligent kitchen, equipped with smart systems that can facilitate accessibility and simple daily actions for elderly or people with the physically disabled. The project was donated to the new spinal unit of the Torrette hospital in Ancona, where it is installed as an aid to the rehabilitation of patients with reduced mobility resulting from spinal injuries. It also constitutes a valuable alpha laboratory for the collection of fundamental information for the fine-tuning of inclusive design projects.

TM Italia | design D90+, cucina con penisola, laccata beige Ardenne, top in pietra Blu Belga


In the development of new projects and in the integration of the product collection, TM Italia has always paid attention to the enhancement of talents, through continuous scouting and transfer of know-how with each project team. These synergies and the transfer of corporate knowledge, as well as the possibility of drawing on an industrial system predisposed to experimentation, allow the development of advanced concepts that become products of the collection or corporate culture that is transferred to every single kitchen project. This virtuous process has resulted in TM Italia being awarded the prestigious XXVI Compasso d’Oro ADI for the Rua model designed together with the young creative team Ruadelpapavero.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola design Rua


The historic collaboration with the young creative team of Ruadelpapavero, which debuted in 2012 with FX Carbon, followed in 2016 by Miuccia, matures in 2018 with the Rua project awarded with the Compasso d’Oro ADI 2020.

PETRA (18)
2018 | Bernhardt & Vella | The automation kinematics are transformed into sophisticated formal and compositional dynamism, combined with refined textural matching and extreme attention to detail.
2012 | Daniele Bedini | A kitchen concept that explores the theme of multi-functionality of environments.
2016 | TM Italia R&D | Natural stone kitchen with island in which antique bronze, “Brown Gold” stone, sycamore essences and stratified crystals are combined thoughtfully.
2012 | Ruadelpapavero | A concentration of applied technology that transforms food preparation into a futuristic experience.
2012 | Daniele Galloppo & Angela Sanfrancesco | Born from research and design experimentation, this kitchen evokes and promotes new lifestyles based on environmental sustainability.
2016 | TM Italia R&D | A concentrate of applied technology that turns food preparation into a futuristic experience.
2008 | TM Italia R&D | Petra represents the first TM Italia's stone kitchen with home automation equipment.
2024 | MC+ with TM Italia | Pure, organic and dynamic design inspired by the beauty and imperfections of the natural world.
TM Italia | Cucine su misura
TM Italia | Cucine su misura


We give space to your creativity, so that each of your projects is as unique as it deserves to be.


  • Know-how gained from thousands of completed projects
  • Infinite combinations to create your own unique design
  • Over ten years of relentless research and development
  • Constant support from our professionals
  • Our culture of pro-activity


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