TM Italia consolidates its growth strategies with a turnover of +40% in 2022

February 2023. TM Italia confirms the success of its business model on a human scale with a +40% growth in turnover compared to 2021, a year which already recorded a positive result of +10%, with a leap from €4, 6Mln to €6.5Mln. Commercial expansion, especially abroad, confirms a growing market interest in Italian excellence in luxury furniture that stands out for its design exclusivity, innovation content and environmental sustainability.

Progetto della cucina

“We relied on a business model on a human scale to respond to the needs of the more demanding international public and we are honoured that the market has recognized distinctive and valuable contents in TM Italia’s sartorial approach. From our point of view, it confirms the differentiating strategy and industrial investments, and it motivates us to persevere with the incessant innovation aiming at creating something extra-ordinary that can become both an opportunity for our commercial partners in the world and an advantage of uniqueness for the most demanding public we address” – says Gianluca Tondi, CEO of TM Italia.

TM Italia | Mappa distribuzione

Exports stand for nearly 70% of the turnover, with an increase of almost 10 points compared to previous years. It is a great success considering the international political scenario and the collapse of some of the historically most important markets for the company such as Russia and Ukraine. The United States hold the first position, representing 23% of turnover: a rewarding result of commercial choices, like the opening of a professional Atelier and the establishment of TM Italia USA which manages all the services associated with the creation of complex residential furnishings, from surveying to logistics, installation and after-sales. Among the most dynamic markets, also Israel records a 300% growth, with an Atelier in Tel Aviv ranking among the most virtuous on a global scale.


The digital strategy launched in 2020 and the adoption of advanced design dialogue tools such as SkyLab (the integrated technological platform that allows real time co-design activities with any part of the globe by connecting commercial partners with all the company know-how, both synchronous and asynchronous training, meetings and tours) have facilitated the development of commercial partnerships in the United Arab Emirates, China, France, Lebanon, Kuwait, the Principality of Monaco, the Czech Republic and Romania, in addition to the consolidation of already acquired markets such as Greece, Korea, Israel, with the opening of 13 retails in 2022 and as many as 15 openings planned for 2023.


The business plan foresaw investments of nearly 10% in new technologies and process digitization, in order to reduce time-to-market and increase production volumes by 15% while preserving the quality and production flexibility with which TM Italia is affirming its industrial model on a human scale. In line with previous years, the company has committed 5% of its turnover to investments in the field of energy efficiency and production of renewable energy, to cover almost all of its needs. Finally, 5% of the turnover was invested in research and development, resulting in the presentation of the new Avignon system designed by Nicola Gallizia. Integrated with intelligent technologies, it confirms TM Italia’s desire to stand out for its ability to innovate the kitchen environment.

TM Italia | Processi di produzione e montaggio

“The results achieved in 2022 are relevant not only in an absolute sense, but above all in line with the business plan, confirming the strategy launched two years ago. The growing interest of the market confirms that there is a portion of high-spending market that foreign companies struggle to satisfy. A clientele that appreciates the typical style and quality contents of the Italian production model, recognizing the rewarding attributes of design exclusivity and tailor-made production on which we have been working for over twenty years, but above all by identifying in TM Italia a reference for quality, design freedom, industrial flexibility, innovation, ethics.”– concludes Gianluca Tondi, CEO of TM Italia.