Use all our senses and experiment with each of them, one after the other autonomously, the sensations and perceptions that the materials in front of us give us back is an exercise that can be fun and instructive. The natural materials kitchens by TM Italia allow us to experience these sensations.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola e tavolo in pietra e rovere, design Petra18
How to “feel” natural materials with our senses

A material can be “felt” with the eyes that perceive the colors and finishes that enhance the characteristics of the material and their three-dimensionality; “felt” with the ears that detect evocative sounds and sound effects: empty, full, deep, rustling; “felt” with the nose that incorporates unusual and sometimes difficult to recognize olfactory nuances; and finally “felt” with the hands (and why not, even with the feet) which thanks to their highly advanced perceptive capability feel the consistency and temperature of the material, distinguish uniformity and small roughnesses.
The experiment can be tried for example with the woods, metals, stones, marbles, of TM Italia kitchens.


TM Italia | Cucina con isola, design D90, dettaglio frontali in legno di recupero
TM Italia’s advanced craftsmanship in the creation of natural materials

Natural materials treated with great respect, worked to accentuate their intrinsic characteristics, and perfected with environmentally friendly finishes that enhance the final effect of great authenticity.

Among the kitchens in natural materials made by TM Italia, the T45 collection stands out: carefully selected, natural materials matched to original finishes and details. The design quality allows creating a unique style, in harmony with space.

Corinthian stone and elmwood characterized this compact composition and, located in the prestigious residential complex designed by architect Richard Meier a kitchen with island has a Granite Nero Assoluto top and folding doors in “Rovere grezzo sabbia” oak wood in the continuity of style with the living room.

TM Italia | Cucina open space con isola in pietra, design T45
Wood, stones and natural essences always enhance TM Italia compositions

In London’s heart, a kitchen with an island that illuminates the environment thanks to the predominant choice of white finish for the main elements and the customized details in Olmo. Inside an old cottage surrounded by the forests of Lane Cove in Sydney, a kitchen with an island built on the Miuccia model is in direct contact with the surrounding nature. Three-dimensional velvet blu finish, Volakas stone and Rovere wood are the natural materials used by TM Italia.

TM Italia’s wide design flexibility reaches its maximum expression in these extremely refined compositions that combine, in a few sartorial elements, dark stone with the warmth of wood. Column side in Canaletto Walnut and monolithic island in Corinthian stone blasted for the elegant kitchen project in Kyiv and Laminam Noir Desire stoneware combined with the top in Solid Oak stained in the kitchen project created for the Spazio Ikonos showroom in Rome.


TM Italia | Open space soggiorno cucina con isola, design MIUCCIA&T45, colonne in legno di rovere

Winning combinations of natural materials also in the project created inside the innovative Citylife residential complex designed by Zaha Hadid: a linear kitchen in which natural brushed oak combines with the neutral colours and delicate finishes of the composition. Strong contrasts characterize this kitchen with island which recalls the suggestions of modern architecture: an island in black spruce essence, stainless steel worktops and columns with eco-cement finish with concrete effect.

From elm to olive wood doors, from bronze handles to steel backsplashes, from marble to stone worktops, TM Italia offers a wide range of possible combinations of natural materials that never cease to amaze and surprise!

TM Italia | Cucina con tavolo, design K6&D90