3 MAY 2024

New collection of doors made from 100% virgin wood fibers

TM Italia presents 55 new finishes certified PEFC and CARB P2 evoking woody, metallic, velvety, glossy and natural surfaces are distinguished by their low environmental impact and high technical and aesthetic characteristics, including UV, stain and liquid resistance, color uniformity, tactile pleasantness and ease of cleaning. The new pro.wood, pro.metal, pro.matt, pro.gloss and pro.nat finishes also stand out for their flexibility and high quality of edgings ensuring the highest level of aesthetic performance.


10 new wood-effect finishes made from high-quality wood fibers. The cellulosic coating is treated with high-performance melamine resin, ensuring UV resistance and long-lasting durability, while the quality of the edging ensures an elegant and neat appearance.




Doors with a coating made from 100% natural ingredients, including linseed oil, pine resin, wood flour, calcium carbonate and natural pigments, applied to a board composed of 90% organically grown cellulose. This combination creates an eco-friendly, extremely opaque material with a self-repairing surface. In case of surface scratches, simply massage with linseed oil to promote fiber restoration and regeneration.



8 metallic effect finishes, in high-gloss brushed variant and soft-touch liquid metal effect. The low-VOCs coating is thermo-laminated and includes the partial use of recycled plastics, representing a complete product that combines high performance, innovative design and environmental responsibility.




Doors with high-performance acrylic coating, produced with partial use of recycled plastic materials, characterized by super-matte surface from great tactile pleasantness and anti-fingerprint. They are easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant and environmentally friendly surfaces.


Doors with high gloss coating to brighten the appearance of environments. With its resistance to UV rays, stains and liquids, and ease of cleaning, it ensures easy maintenance over time.