29 JULY 2021


She is TM Italia’s flagship “dream agent” in the States. Lilian Palmieri, Italian, but living in the United States for more than 20 years. Courteous, discreet, strong-willed, flexible and always ready for a change.




TM Italia | Villa a Beverly Hills
“The kitchen is the expression of a culture. For years I had a cooking school for children, here in LA”, says Lilian Palmieri. “The primary purpose was not so much to stimulate children’s culinary creativity as to teach them the importance of that space in the Italian tradition and in our culture. Cooking is not just food preparation and sharing, but also and above all aggregation, family, friends, intimacy, conviviality and much more!”

Lilian made this her mission when she began her collaboration with TM Italia in 2016: to transfer her idea of ​​cooking to a very high-end target clientele living in dream villas. From celebrities from the star system to well-known professionals, to celebrities in the world of show business and sport.

“To this type of extremely demanding and wealthy clientele, I don’t sell the kitchen product, but the service that revolves around it: 24/7 assistance, reliability, extreme openness to customization and the uniqueness of their environment. I try to win their trust and that of their architects. Word of mouth becomes very important!”

In spite of the difficult health situation in the US and thanks to the prolonged collective necessity to stay at home, Lilian’s business has risen considerably. In addition to this, TM Italia’s decision to launch the Skylab project – which allows you to virtually enter the company showroom with a video call and to take advantage of personalized design consultancy – just to support agents and architects and distant retailers has given great support and concrete assistance to Lilian’s business.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola e tavolo

“I worked much more than usual. With the lockdown my customers have changed their approach to their homes and also to the kitchen, triggering a great desire to reorganize domestic spaces. In addition, the decision of the local authorities in California not to close the construction sites and the existence of Skylab have given great support to my work.”

Her professional approach and enthusiasm did the rest.

In the end she revealed to us that she has more than one secret!