29 JULY 2021


HDOMO 2.0 Human Based Domotics is a project that aims to create intelligent homes.

TM Italia for HDomo 2.0: a people-friendly dedicated project

Within this project we manufactured a completely automated kitchen, equipped with smart systems that make everyday tasks easier for those who live in it, be they elderly, disabled, or simply people looking to prevent domestic accidents. This project saw the participation of 18 companies with across-the-board expertise. We dealt with the development of the product and the mechanical systems, while the other partners developed and applied the electronic systems and sensors. We provided an answer to the need for the highest level of versatility and customisation of the product. We put our know-how in terms of innovation and artisan craftsmanship to use in a project aiming to provide a better quality of life.

An accessible, safe, ergonomic and customisable kitchen

What we realised is a product studied in the smallest detail to allow the developers of the following stages to operate at their best. We created a completely accessible kitchensafe in all its features, ergonomic and ready to respond to any need, for the elderly and the disabled. This kitchen falls within a greater operation to increase the safety in living environments by gradually removing the risk factors behind domestic accidents. This kitchen meets the criteria of accessibility and safety with its main features: among others, the free space under the shelves, the height-adjustable worktop (fitted with safety sensors), the study of spaces and of minimum and maximum heights, the uninterrupted work surfaces preventing risk situations, lines with rounded edges, sliding wall units allowing to easily identify and take the items, a strategic positioning of the single components reducing the amount of movement needed. These are but few of the features that make this kitchen really “smart”.


Integrated electronic systems of home automation

Inside the kitchen we placed integrated electronic systems developed by the other partners that amplify the home automation, such as: specific electronic locks or voice and motion sensors allowing control of single operations (like the motorised grills, the opening/closing and moving systems, etc.). The entire kitchen environment features a system of sensors that enable the user to control all the functions, including the turning on and off of lights and appliances. Everything can be managed through several modes: a special remote, voice and motion commands, a web interface, a smart TV and a mobile app.

These are the companies that took part in the HDOMO 2.0 project with us: APRA PROGETTI S.r.l., R.I.CO. Srl, DETRON S.r.l., JEF S.r.l., EUROSYSTEMS S.r.l., 4D Engineering S.r.l., VIDEX Electronics S.p.A., UNIV. Politecnica delle Marche, TECNOMARCHE S.c.a r.l., PROIETTI PLANET S.r.l., SPEECH VILLAGE S.r.l., INFORMASISTEMI S.p.A., SAFEWAY S.r.l., SSG S.r.l., WEBSOLUTE S.r.l., GENERA S.c. ar.l., CONSORZIO CONIER