29 JULY 2021


TM Italia, a manufacturing company from the Marche region specialized in tailor-made kitchens and interiors, has participated in the project CASA FLORA, a project created from the encounter between Gioele Romanelli, third-generation hotelier and owner of “Hotel Flora” in Venice, and Design-Apart, a platform that brings together the best Italian design and furniture manufacturers to build exclusive interiors in Italy and the United States.

For Casa Flora, a sophisticated location in the heart of Venice, TM Italia developed a specially designed kitchen based on the T45 concept.
The project experiments with a new formal balance between the solidity of the Madagascar marble and the visual lightness of the industrial style structure of the hub, which is characterized by a bright and iconic turquoise colour.

The sophisticated colour combinations, carefully chosen by architect Ghidoni, confer timeless beauty to this kitchen. TM Italia soon will present an extension of the colour and material combinations.

Against the wall, a linear composition of bases with containers and appliances is topped by a marble grit cladding that descends to the bench top and creates continuity with a sink made of the same material.

The third part of the kitchen is made up of two columns with asymmetrical doors. These provide storage space and contain the refrigerator. The lacquered pearl grey finish recaptures the elegant colour scheme of the kitchen’s horizontal volumes.





The Casa Flora project is based on an initial experimentation with Parsons School of Design in New York, IUAV in Venice and Domus Academy in Milan.
Young students from overseas were able to see the excellence of TM Italia first-hand and develop a project based on the sartorial spirit and philosophy of TM Italia.

Casa Flora arose with the intention of creating a one-of-a-kind space for hospitality and contemporary culture in Venice. Set in a typical Venetian building alongside Hotel Flora, a short walk from Calle Larga XXII Marzo, which is known for its high fashion boutiques, Casa Flora caters to an international audience and aims to meet increasingly specific needs. Indeed, it offers the most exacting customers the chance to experience Venice in the privacy of a real apartment without forgoing the services of a hotel and/or to organize receptions, or cultural or culinary events in an exclusive and intimate environment.

TM Italia with our partner Design Apart soon will present an extension of the colour and material combinations of the project Casa Flora during the week of Milano Design Week.