Oreadi is a high quality Green Kitchen of high environmental performance, developed almost ten years ago, in 2012, born from the collaboration between TM Italia and the School of Architecture and Design of the University of Camerino (Unicam), conceived and designed, according to innovative eco-design criteria, by Daniele Galloppo and Angela Sanfrancesco, young Unicam designers. Oreadi is an example of sustainable design, where the eco-innovation of technical solutions is combined with high aesthetic quality and the rsearch for new sustainable lifestyle in the kitchen.

TM Italia | La Green kitchen Oreadi
la cucina ecosostenibile in domotica - Oreadi


Oreadi is the result of high sustainability objectives throughout the product life cycle, validated with specific LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software and achieved through the application of eco-design criteria aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption and raw materials and the increase in the possibilities of disassembly, maintenance, reuse and recycling of materials and components. The key concept of Oreadi is circularity; the environmental challenge is to assimilate the kitchen system to a living organism, to an eco-system that does not generate waste  but, on the contrary, it optimizes them.

The worktop and the green area of the kitchen are made of paperstone, consisting of fibers obtained from post-consumer recycled standard office paper and non-petroleum resins. The doors are made with a composition of wood waste from the carpentry shop. The wall is built from a backlit aluminum frame, in the kitchen area a particular aluminum foam “Alusion®” was used, a recycled and recyclable material at the end of its lifetime; on the other side, Tillandsia Usneoides is set up, a particular plant that feeds on ambient humidity and purifies the air in a natural way. The wall has an opening in the center that serves as a link between the preparation area and the snack area facing the living room. It houses a channel equipped for tools and electrical sockets. Under the top there is a domestic composter equipped with a filter for bad smells. The kitchen is also equipped with a water analyzing system, installed under the sink. The white water is conveyed into a tank that will irrigate the green area and the zeerpot, a terracotta container that allows for natural cooling by exploiting the evaporation of the water from the green area.

TM Italia | Cucine su misura
TM Italia | Cucine su misura


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