8 MARCH 2023

White kitchens

It’s easy to say white. It is said that white speaks the language of purity, brightness, freshness, versatility in the combination with other colours and materials. But white is much more than that.

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In fact it would be more precise to speak of “whites” or shades of white. Creamy white, ice, dirty, optical, ivory, pearl, warm, cold, absolute, antique and zinc white and much more. White contains all the colours of the electromagnetic spectrum, it is a colour with high brightness but without tint. We could define it as an inclusive, open, versatile and flexible colour. White seems to have no boundaries.


Its adamantine attitude reveals everything, amplifies, enlarges and hides nothing. In a nutshell, white does not admit mistakes. The white used for the furniture helps to enhance every significant construction detail but also to highlight the smallest imperfections. The choice of this “non-colour” requires infinite precision and craftsmanship, extreme attention over time.

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When to choose a white kitchen

Those who choose the sacredness of white for their home environments generally show a strong propensity for cleanliness, hygiene, transparency and openness to the outside. It is considered a neutral colour, a passe-partout par excellence because it blends perfectly with everything around it. It is often chosen as a guide colour for kitchen furnishings because it has both aesthetic and practical advantages.

In the TM Italia universe, the use of white is always functional to achieve different objectives depending on the project. Expanding the perception of space in the kitchen with three-dimensional white doors where the kitchen environment is mini in size and every centimeter has a specific function; illuminate the environment and create a pleasant contrast with the warmth of elm wood.

Cucina design Miuccia & K6 con panca in legno su misura

The different nuances of white kitchens

The white colour can be declined in a wide variety of materials, shades, textures and finishes. TM Italia offers white in 35 different interpretations ranging from stone and marble, quartz, stoneware and Corian® to lacquered surfaces, laminate coating, melamine and ecomalta. Each of these whites has its own tactile characteristics such as the smooth surface of the lacquered materials or the material surface of the stones.

The temperature of white covers a wide spectrum of shades: from the cold ones that convey purity and simplicity, to the warmer ones interrupted by the delicate veins of the stones that give personality to each surface making it unique.

In addition to the standard finishes, TM Italia also supplies customized lacquers that guarantee a perfect chromatic matching between different materials, such as in the kitchen project with an articulated island or that of the suspended kitchen where the fronts have been created ad hoc to reproduce the exact shade of the Corian® top.

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Combining the white colour in the kitchen space

While white in the kitchen can play the leading role in total white environments, it can also be used to highlight other materials with which it is combined. Different shades of white can be combined with virtually all materials and colours. White kitchens with wooden elements convey warmth and naturalness, while metallic lacquers or cold colours create a more rational environment. It is always advisable to have a certain contrast of materials and shades which can be achieved in different ways. On a white kitchen you can opt for a darker worktop, you can combine a white island with contrasting columns, or for a pure white look it can be the floor or the walls that highlight the white kitchen cabinets.

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