Concrete thinking


TM Italia | Designer della collezione D90+ Marco Taietta

There are several aphorisms that describe my design approach, but I would like to mention two in particular: “There is no design without discipline, there is no discipline without intelligence.” by Massimo Vignelli. The other is by Adolf Loos: “The architect (or designer) is a bricklayer who speaks Latin.”

The inspiration for the D90 + kitchen finds its origins in the contemporary elegance of Villa Bianca, a refined project by Giuseppe Terragni with Ezio Zupelli from 1937. The villa has several aspects that refer to the kitchen project designed for TM Italia. The deep terrace that hides a sort of living en plein air. The clear volume of the building with a balanced selection of solids and voids, a concept dear to Italian rationalism. For the materials I drew on the Belgian school honored by the use of Belgian Blue stone warmed up by wenge-stained oak and Fenix Beige Ardenne laminate.

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