29 JULY 2021


The successful partnership between TM Italia and MK-Interio goes on in the prestigious exhibition project Luxury Space, in the heart of St. Petersburg.
The showroom – which stands out for its elegance and refinement – was designed and opened by Alexandra Kasakovtseva and Maria Mahonina, architects and designers who founded the “MK-Interio” studio, a leader in the field of interior design whose aim is to “make everyday life beautiful”.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola, oro, pietra e laccato bianco

Luxury Space is an exclusive apartment – 210 square meters large – completely furnished and habitable that encloses, like a treasure chest, international excellences of interior design. It is located in the historic centre of St. Petersburg in Mytninskaia Naberezhnaia n. 7/5, in front of the Winter Palace, inside a beautiful building that belonged to the Romanov princes.


TM Italia contributes to this outstanding space with an exclusive realization


TM Italia has created a custom kitchen, with columns and island on the T45 concept, based on the design of Alexandra Kasakovtseva and Maria Mahonina. It is a project with a linear layout that stands out for its different structural features: on one side the doors of the wooden columns show a three-dimensional surface with gold finish, designed to elegantly hide the operating area based on G180 model as if behind a soft curtain. On the right, three sliding doors in Frappuccino chiaro levigato stone hide an equipped wall with glass shelves.

The combination and alternation of materials such as the Cambria Quartz worktop, the Frappuccino stone of the doors and the snack-top, or the glass of the shelves, and colours such as Glacier White, Seppia brown, gold and grey silk, make this kitchen elegant and refined, with a fresh and modern personality, perfectly in line with the stylistic choice of the two Russian designers.

Learn more, visit the official showroom website at MK Luxury Space.