24 JUNE 2022

Eurocucina 2022

The TM Italia stand at Eurocucina 2022 – Hall 9 / Stand E 06 – creates an intriguing harmonic contrast between the essentiality of the architectural space and the extraordinariness of the Avignon kitchen by Nicola Gallizia. A box where neutral colours dominate with an oak-effect floor, warm grey walls and soft, intimate lighting.

TM Italia | Cucina design Avignon, lineare con isola e tavolo integrato

The stand was designed like a theatre on whose stage the new product stands out like a prima donna and in whose backstage, the lounge, all the vital activity for ‘going on stage’ took place. Avignon was the star of the show, offering a new vision of the ‘kitchen’ that plays with deconstructed and reassembled spaces and interprets the evolution of contemporary living in which the kitchen environment integrates different daily activities such as work, entertainment and play. The solutions presented go beyond standardisation, elegantly combining highly crafted construction details with hidden advanced home automation solutions. The 1.5-metre diameter chandelier, designed by Studio14 and made specially for the stand by Marchetti Illuminazione, consists of a multitude of blown glass spheres that appear to be suspended in space.

Particolari di Cucina con isola e tavolo con domotica, design Avignon

The wall bordering the entrance was enriched by a video installation presenting a deconstruction of the visual field and a rhythmic pattern alternating between aggregation and fragmentation of content, balanced between simultaneous multi-content visions and visions of the whole. The perimeter walls had been unstructured and made of backlit wooden planks. All the materials on the stand were selected to be reused, and the technical solutions chosen favour the conscious use of materials.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola, modello Avignon, design Nicola Gallizia

The Skylab Lounge, with restricted access, was designed to immerse the visitor in a highimpact brand experience, a compendium of the company’s values and brand content: from the ‘maison’ concept to the collections, from the green vision to the human-scale company. In the centre, a large work table was equipped with all the features of Skylab (a multimedia platform that offers customers the chance to pay a virtual visit to the TM Italia Lab and co-design the kitchen with a live consultation). The lounge  also housed a preview of the collection of over 300 new materials, which testifies to the company’s relentless commitment to finding new solutions and enriching the matrix of tools to develop infinite design possibilities.

TM Italia | Stand Eurocucina 2022