Harmonious discontinuity


TM Italia | Moodboard d'autore - Avignon by Nicola Gallizia

Dialogues between individuals and new spaces, through harmonious relationships being the cultural heritage of great masters. A metaproject to inhabit new compositional possibilities and the experimentation of new functions that respond to changing scenarios of contemporary living.

The relationship between mind and pencil is mediated by cultural inheritance, by socio-behavioral transformations, by the desire to develop new compositional codes, by contamination with other research areas, by aesthetic sensitivity in material choices. Each designer has the great opportunity to express this all through a project. Avignon is an open system born as a cultural tribute to Pablo Picasso’s work “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” which stimulates new ways of conceiving spatiality through simultaneous visions born from the decomposition of forms. The stylistic code of the project lies in the number 7.5 which expresses the harmonious relationship between the compositional elements of the worktop, backs panels, and the large handles. The mood of the materials expresses the contrasts of contemporary space with great refinement: the delicate solidity of Dover White marble, the warmth of Eucalyptus Frisè, the light of metal lacquers.

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