TM Italia presents the Limited Edition Kitchen Suite Impexa, developed in partnership with MC+. The Limited Edition Kitchen Suite represents TM Italia’s unceasing commitment to creative experimentation and the innovation of design languages. TM Italia’s Culture of Uniqueness is not only the formula of evolved craftsmanship and compositional variety supported by a one-off industrial approach, but also its openness to design dialogue on themes of inspiration and high intellectual value.


The Californian duo MC+ (Mattia Biagi and Cardenio Petrucci) explores the fascinating imperfection of nature with a system of iconic products conceived as functional artworks capable of illuminating the domestic scene with new reflections on living. The Natura Artis Magistra collection was created as a tribute to the great mother earth, which has always been the inspiration of both artistic and philosophical thought. A precise scale of value that aims to illustrate new moral landscapes with which design will increasingly have to contend.

The Limited Edition Kitchen Suite is 100% made in Italy. The Latin name for “disorder” evokes the breaking of patterns and the entropy that drives the organic evolution of natural ecosystems. The design is pure, organic and dynamic. This concept combines refined design, the finest Italian craftsmanship and the best raw materials, forged to be durable and environmentally friendly.


MC+ Design Studio

Embarking on a visionary journey, MC+ was founded in California in 2023 by the creative minds of Mattia Biagi and Cardenio Petrucci. With limitless creative ability and relentless dedication, they have evolved into a dynamic and comprehensive design studio with a global footprint. With extensive experience in residential, retail and hospitality projects, their creative efforts cross boundaries and embrace a broad spectrum of design initiatives.
At MC+, the daily commitment is to ignite inspiration and push the boundaries of design. In addition to full design services, they proudly curate a limited edition collection that embodies a passion for impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design. These carefully crafted pieces are a testament to their ongoing commitment to elevate aesthetics and deliver extraordinary experiences.


The internal structure of the three islands is made of ecological panels produced from recycled materials and wood fibres obtained from renewable sources certified PEFC, FSC and CARB-P2 (low chemical emissions). The side and front panels are made of steel processed using jewellery techniques to obtain different surfaces and effects of light: two super-gloss finishes (dark gold and nickel tones, a tribute to the warm reflections of the sun), combined with a super-matt finish (brass tones, a tribute to the icy surfaces of icebergs).


The worktops are made of high-performance ceramics in a dark slate shade and a three-dimensional Vulcan effect surface, inspired by pristine solidified lava. The cooking island integrates concealed induction technology, exploiting the technical characteristics of the ceramic material that allow electromagnetic transfer even in the absence of a glass cooktop. The washing island is equipped with a hand-assembled single-material sink using traditional stone-working techniques.

TM Italia | Cucine su misura
TM Italia | Cucine su misura


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