A futuristic vision of the domestic scenario, under the banner of relationships, multitasking, smart technology: the internet of things, in the research programs of TM Italia. Designed by Ruadelpapavero in 2012, FX Carbon represents a concentration of applied technology that transforms food preparation into a unique experience.

TM Italia | Cucina design FX Carbon
Schema della cucina automatizzata FX Carbon

The large media centre includes a touch screen control panel which lets you control every element of the kitchen as well as access to various technological devices. The media centre is equipped with internet access, email, Bluetooth, TV, a games console, media centre, remote controls, child safety devices and automated home and kitchen control systems.


Castagno chestnut veneer

Black Corian – sample finish

Castagno chestnut veneer

Black Corian – sample finish


Black Corian

Castagno chestnut bookmatched veneer

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The island features a table, mobile storage, an induction hob and automated extractable sink. The cabinets are entirely suspended above ground and feature storage space, a backlit vertical pantry, rollaway domestic appliances and a visible shelving unit. The cupboards are opened and closed electro-hydraulically and the drawers feature power-assisted opening systems. The worktop, table, media module and flap doors were made of carbon fiber in the original concept and are also available in black Corian. The bookmatched chestnut veneer is a homage to the skilful craftsmanship of TM Italia.

TM Italia | Cucina con colonna dispensa estraibile
TM Italia | Cucina domotica con isola
TM Italia | Cucina con batteria elettrodomestici a scomparsa
TM Italia | Cucina con elettrodomestici da incasso a scomparsa
TM Italia | Cucina design FX Carbon

TM Italia | Cucine su misura
TM Italia | Cucine su misura


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