29 JULY 2021


Tailoring, design, research. For TM Italia these are the basis of corporate identity; we find them stored in a new area of the website tailor-made for professionals, designed in order to give interested parties all the tools needed to deepen their knowledge of the company, its expertise, its products and its projects.

TM Italia | Area riservata, PC, tablet

Three distinct environments, dedicated to Architects, Dealers and Journalists, contain a careful selection of contents, chosen ad hoc for each professional: from catalogues to images, from technical data sheets to design manuals for architects; from the latest press releases to videos, from high-quality images to insights for journalists; up to company profiles, price lists, project descriptions and much more for resellers.

Entering the new TM Italia Reserved Area means getting to know the company and its sartorial know-how better through useful tools, capable of satisfying the needs of those who need to find a partner in the design and construction of customized kitchens or complete interior design projects, tailor-made, but also for those who want to have more information on a company that fully represents Made in Italy in terms of quality, craftsmanship, customization, research and product innovation.

From the new catalogue, which enhances the sartorial identity of TM Italia by presenting a careful selection of the best kitchen projects, to a selection of technical insights, with access to a standard range of over 400 finishes and materials, which allow to create ideal spaces and achieve exclusive design results with regard to materials, shapes, sizes, colors, accessories, budget.

We are waiting for you: register in the new Reserved Area and stay updated on all the news by subscribing to our newsletter.