Materials, thicknesses, colours, functionality, aesthetics, textures. Even the worktops claim a very specific personality. From the warmth of wood to the cold of steel and natural character or composite stone, from important and decisive thicknesses to thicknesses that seem almost dematerialized, continuous surfaces, with integrated sinks or with integrated hobs.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola in Fenix, design T45Evo&D90
Worktop: one choice, many functions

There are no apparent limits for choosing the most suitable worktop for your kitchen. It is perhaps the most used part where more or less heavy, more or less hot objects are placed. Often used as a cutting surface and therefore subject to scratches that tell the story of its life, or as a breakfast table.
Whatever its use, it must ensure hygiene and ease of cleaning as well as of course a pleasant appearance that is well aligned with the rest of the environment.


Essential and monolithic worktop

The materiality of stoneware never disappoints. In one of the TM Italia creations, the custom-designed island with an original “L” shape features a worktop with an assembled sink in black Gres blend, which matches the main ecomalta cement structure featuring a built-in hob.
The essential linearity of the worktops contributes to the final effect of the island, perceived as a monolithic bloc.


Worktop, refinement and Italian style

White Carrara marble matched with the Olivo veneer are the proposals of this kitchen exhibited inside the TM Italia monobrand Atelier in Kiev, opened in partnership with Dominio. The whiteness of Tuscan marble immediately recalls the Italian spirit and the world of art in the collective imagination: a valuable worktop, 30 mm thick marble with a glossy finish, backsplash and assembled sink, which manages to characterize an environment of this essential and refined kitchen space.



Worktop, the luxury of gres

In this TM Italia creation in Saint Petersburg, the choice of @Arch Skin gres for the worktop in a multifunctional island perfectly combines elegance and conviviality. Colours that blend with the surrounding environment of the living room obtaining luxury and functionality studied in a few square meters.



Worktop, technology and contemporaneity of stone

TM Italia creation that combines the atavistic effect of stone with the contemporaneity of home automation. The cantilevered top in Bronze Amani stone extends from the island to the living room, suspended on a light metal structure made to measure.
The worktops, on the other hand, are in AIR stone, conceived with an original tapering of the edge and give the sensation of being suspended above the doors of the base units that support them.
The tops have been accurately worked for the technological integration and home automation interfaces, such as the retractable electric column, helping to make the kitchen the centre of domestic life.

TM Italia offers a very wide range of possibilities in the catalogue in addition to the infinite customizations dictated by the needs of the individual project.