The wooden kitchens are resistant kitchens suitable for the tastes of different clients, in both cases of wooden kitchens designed to be modern and with a contemporary design and classic and traditional wooden kitchens, retrò inspired. Wood is one of the materials that are immediately taken into consideration when talking about kitchens’ design. It has always represented, in our imagination, the traditional home concept and embodies the very idea of warmth and vitality.

Why choosing wooden kitchens: advantages and features

TM Italia wooden kitchen embodies the real essence of a friendly environment. It can be distinguished by:

  • Warmth and comfort – the wooden kitchens create warm and welcoming, a comfortable space suitable for any meal
  • Natural – wood is a natural material that creates a direct link with the nature. TM Italia’s raw materials come from certified forests and fulfill the environment standards, bringing home an experience made of tradition
  • Compositional flexibility – thanks to TM Italia we can personalize the kitchen by choosing among a wide range of essences. It is possible to vary the styles, the colors, the finishes and the processing of the wood
  • Resistance and firmness – even if it requires a lot of attention and a continuous maintenance, a wooden kitchen is really one of the most durable one and stand up well to any kind of stress
  • Ease of fixing – by working and making tiny stucco on the superficial surface of the material, the wooden kitchens stand out since they are also very easy to repair.
  • Style and Uniqueness -wood is a living materiale that guarantees a timeless aesthetic and, thanks to the presence of the grain – a precious decorative element – it makes any kitchen space one of a kind


For those who love wooden kitchens, TM Italia makes available all the competence and savoir faire of a company that has been in Le Marche’s manufacturing excellence sector for over 5o years. A production chain that integrates the woodworking excellence and makes it possible to offer the best customization possible in the field of artisan wooden kitchens.

An accurate selection of materials and the employment of manufacturing techniques like the bookmatching, guarantee the grain continuity all over the composition. Details that express the quality and sartorial attention helping TM Italia to make every single creation a unique one.

Modern wooden kitchens

TM Italia’s wooden kitchens combine the wood timeless charm to a contemporary design and an advanced modularity to create modern kitchens. The attention to aesthetic and details and the functionality are just some of the characteristics of the design wooden kitchens’ best models. One of the wooden kitchens’ added value lies in the selection of materials. Palissandro, Olivo, Ebano, Olmo; thanks to several essences, TM Italia makes it possible to customize any kitchen project.

Essences: the materials of wooden kitchens

One of the most used essence in TM Italia’s wooden kitchens is the Noce canaletto, both in the piano snack – as opposed to the top’s materials – and in the facades of the basis and columns.


In the D90 model, the Noce canaletto finish is the most important essence. Indeed, here the columns with inside handle are in Noce Canaletto bigliato essence, carefully selected to ensure the vein continuity on the whole composition up to the inside of the shutters. A matched cantilevered level made of the same essence creates a useful convivial space and a support base.

Premium woods

To enhance the kitchen project, TM Italia suggests some premium essences like PalissandroOlivo or Ebano. Here below some plans where wood leads the room’s style:

Vanguard and the ability of selection help TM Italia venturing into the continuous trial of different materials and in matching them. In the last Pret à projet catalogue, the T45 model is introduced in a range of formal variables that use a reused oak wooden floor premium essence for the island and cabinets’ facade. Its surface is treated in order to keep its porosity and superficial irregularity.

Stained woods

TM Italia offers the possibility of creating customized colors: this is the case of the essence of Rua, one of the models of the 2018 Collection presented at Eurocucina 2018. In Rua, the doors and shelves in gray-stained oak are equipped with a refined three-dimensional decoration that rhythms the pentagram compositional of the kitchen project. In this realization the value of craftsmanship is combined with contemporary themes, both aesthetic and technological.

Material woods and coloured material essences

TM Italia designs wooden kitchens with grains on sight and perceptible by touch, for those who want to like the wooden kitchen and hold the essence in their hands.

Valuable wood and finishes selection, compositional flexibility and ability to mix different materials are the reason why TM Italia is such a perfect partner to realise kitchen projects.

Matching materials in the wooden kitchens

Valuable wood essences are mixed together with other materials, defining the wooden kitchens realized by TM Italia and the living room where they will be placed. In the G180steel and a heat-treated rovere essence combine elegance and technicality. Here the heat-treated rovere shelf ideally connects the linear composition of the wall-mounted five columns to the boiserie realized by using the same material.