What if the choice of kitchen materials reveals the personality of those who choose them?

The use of matter can often itself become an expressive gesture of the creative or designer who chooses it and who imagines the treatment to be given to this or that material.


TM Italia | Cucina con isola in abete nero e acciaio inossidabile

The perspective, on the other hand, of those who choose a material with a specific texture, be it rough, smooth, warm, cold, shiny, opaque, velvety, often reveals personality traits. The predisposition to essentiality, the mania for hygiene, the nonconformist attitude, the continuous desire for diversity, the need for certainties.


Materiality is an attitude that caresses the senses

Not just the touch but also the sight. It has to do with the ability to read materials and interpret them, enhancing their virtues and choosing the most captivating and surprising processes and finishes to satisfy their functionality and aesthetics.

Each surface totally changes its personality and perception depending on the treatment received.

Some of TM Italia’s projects are an example. The complex three-dimensional processing in matt gold finish that evokes the soft vertical drapery of precious fabrics, or the doors in black pine wood with the knots in evidence that give a true flavor to the wood, or even the use of ecomalta for a strongly brutalist finish or the fine processing of the RUA kitchen doors vertically milled to highlight the underlying material.

TM Italia | Cucina design T45, ante in laccato bianco