Kitchens with peninsula

The kitchen has always been the beating heart of every home, a place where we create, experiment and share. The integration of a peninsula, which in addition to adding style, elegance and numerous advantages in terms of functionality and organization of spaces, can take on different nuances.

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Kitchens with peninsula: all the pros

One of the main reasons why kitchens with peninsula are among the most frequently used layouts is their versatility and functionality. Ideal for open space environments, the peninsula that extends from the main composition allows you to create a visual division between the kitchen area and the living room, without compromising the openness and fluidity of the spaces. It requires less space than the island which must be positioned in the center of the space, but offers the same advantages in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

The peninsula offers an extra work surface that can be used to prepare meals, serve as an informal dining table or as a bar for socializing with guests during a dinner or aperitif. It can contain the hob for a show-cooking effect, the sink, or you can opt to leave its work surface free.

Furthermore, the peninsula can be equipped with drawers, shelves or storage compartments, on both sides or just one, to offer further storage solutions, making the kitchen even more functional and organised.

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Different layouts for kitchens with peninsula

When it comes to kitchens with peninsula, there are different layouts and configurations that can be adapted to one’s needs and available space. Each layout offers a unique solution that can influence the usability of the space, functionality and overall aesthetics of the kitchen.

A linear kitchen composition with a peninsula resembles kitchens with an island, with the only difference that instead of the island free on four sides, there is a peninsula which is attached to the wall with one side. It is an ideal option for smaller kitchens which however does not compromise the functionality or the operational and storage space available.

Cucina nera con penisola design T45&D90, layout lineare

L-shaped layout with peninsula presents a configuration where the peninsula extends perpendicularly from the linear composition. This layout is ideal for medium to large kitchens, as it offers a good amount of workspace and one can easily move around it. A variant of this layout is a T-shaped configuration which provides a linear composition that extends into a peninsula at its center. In this case the peninsula has storage compartments accessible from both sides and creates a dynamic and original composition.

Cucina design D90+

U-shaped layout with peninsula or horseshoe layout offers a large amount of work space and allows you to have all kitchen essentials at hand. By creating a work area surrounded by bases and tall units, the available space is used to the last inch. In this type of configuration, however, it is necessary to keep in mind the minimum spaces necessary for comfortable usability of the space.

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Kitchen with peninsula and a snack top

The peninsula flanked by stools on the living room side creates a pleasant connection between the kitchen area and the rest of the space, perfect for sharing moments. To use it also as a meeting place, it must have a worktop that protrudes from the bases to leave the necessary space for seating.

There are several solutions for creating a snack top. It can be done simply by extending the worktop by at least 20 cm. This solution offers the advantage of a larger, continuous work surface without interruptions and also visually more neat appeal. Alternatively, you can opt for a cantilever worktop different in colour and material that overlaps the top, just enough to lean on it and be stable.

The cantilever worktop can be fixed or sliding. The sliding mechanism has the advantage of offering greater flexibility in terms of space; it allows you to choose when and how much the worktop should protrude.

TM Italia | Cucina con ante rientranti e isola con piano scorrevole

Kitchens with peninsula and an extractable table

Sometimes the architectural space or simply the aesthetic choice requires the peninsula to be equipped with a real table which represents an excellent solution for making the most of the square footage of the house.

The table can be fixed, made in addition to the peninsula, or, for greater flexibility you can opt for a table that appears only when needed. An example of this is the kitchen project in the center of Rome for which TM Italia designed a kitchen with a peninsula equipped with an extractable table, made on the T45 model in Caesar Brown Stone laminate and the worktop in Blend Nero stoneware.

The peninsula is customized to contain a modular table that can be pulled out from the side and which can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Another tailor-made solution is to integrate the table with sliding mechanism into the structure of the peninsula. If necessary, the table can be partially or completely extracted.


TM Italia | Cucina con penisola e tavolo estraibile

Materials for kitchens with peninsula

The combinations of materials that can be used for peninsulas are almost infinite. TM Italia offers over 350 standard materials and finishes that can be combined with different criteria. The entire peninsula can be made in the same material when it comes to stone, stoneware, laminate, Fenix laminate or Ecomalta.

These are resistant materials that are suitable for the worktop and thanks to the company’s know-how, they can also be applied to the doors. This allows to obtain chromatic and material harmony. Alternatively, you can opt for the contrast between the worktop and the fronts of the peninsula.

In general, unlike kitchens with islands, the peninsula should follow the same material palette as the rest of the kitchen for greater aesthetic continuity.

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Tips for designing kitchens with peninsula

A kitchen project requires a lot of attention in the designing stage. It is advisable already in the design phase to define in advance the position of the individual elements and their relative size.

The design phases foresee that, following an aesthetic-functional project, the plan drawings are accompanied by an electrical and hydraulic scheme; in fact, it must be kept in mind that unless the island only performs the function of a work surface, it is necessary to equip it with water and electric hook-ups.

It is important to bear in mind that the island requires sufficient space around it, ideally about 120 cm, optimal for the doors of the island and any elements placed in front of it to be opened simultaneously and comfortably. In any case, the minimum size required for the operating space is 100 cm.


If the peninsula houses the hob, it is also important to design the aspiration system. There are several alternatives in this field. The least invasive solution from a visual point of view is to opt for a downdraft extractor which disappears in the volume of the peninsula when not in use, or for extractors integrated in the cooking hob.

Alternatively, there are also complanar ceiling hoods – an elegant solution which however requires the construction of a false ceiling. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a design solution, there are various suspended hoods for all needs. From different shapes and sizes, from the aspirating systems connected to the ceiling to the filtering ones that look like a chandelier.



In the design of a kitchen with a peninsula, the lighting project bears a central role. The worktop must be adequately lit to allow easy preparation of food and comfortable consumption of meals. Even in this area, the limit is only in the imagination. From ceiling spotlights to pendant lamps, or using the light from the hood placed above the peninsula worktop.

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