The kitchens with peninsula are widespread and appreciated design solutions, harmoniously helping the dialogue between the living and the kitchen, often used in the cases of adjoining living rooms and open spaces.
Unlike the kitchen islands, the peninsula presents itself as a block with a side attached either to the wall or to the kitchen’s linear wall, free on the three sides left.

Cucina MIUCCIA&D90

All the pros of the kitchens with peninsula

The Peninsula of the kitchen with peninsula can offer several advantages:

  • It offers a comfortable support base that can be used as a snack area to eat the fastest meals o as a hand banquet.
  • In the open space, the peninsula helps to delimit the kitchen off the main living space. Designing the living space where the kitchen is places inside the living room is a new increasingly common living trend and the kitchen with peninsula turns out being the functional solution to divide the two areas. As a matter of fact, choosing this type allows us to separate the spaces without introducing any divider.
  • The peninsula can be added to a kitchen space also to give dynamism to the whole composition, as in the case of D90+, one of the latest models exhibited during Eurocucina 2018. Here the peninsula is set with large open rovere tinto drawers that runs along the entire peninsula and is accessible from both sides of the work area.



Models and configurations of the kitchens with peninsula

There are different configurations of kitchens with peninsula that differ according to their use.
The peninsula can be functional if equipped with some supporting basis, or if use as a handy banquet, flat surface or workstation.
The choice of a different type depends on the space available, on the workable equipment that the client wishes to add and on the his/her aesthetics. In big spaces anything is possible and the peninsula’s dimension can be larger.
Everything becomes more capacious and can be useful to rationally split the different functions of preparing and cooking, the sink area and the lunch area.
Let’s see into details some models of kitchen with peninsula by TM Italia.

Kitchens with peninsula and snack bar

Here the peninsula’s support can be used to obtain a snack bar. In this case the countertop will have to be wider and project beyond the cabinets and so leaving the necessary space for each sitting spot. The piano snack can be either the top’s extension or – as in the case of cantilevers – differ about color and material and overlap on the level, just enough to lean on it and feel stable.


TM Italia | Cucina design K6 in laminato fenix
Kitchens with peninsula and removable table

TM Italia’s team in Rome has designed the furniture of this living room also including a kitchen with peninsula equipped with a removable table, realized according to the T45 model. Here the peninsula supports have a Caesar Brown Stone laminated finishes and the countertop is made of Gres Blend Nero.
Highest customization possible of the peninsula holding a modular table , can be extracted from the side, seating up to 15 diners. The peninsula comes also complete with stove and sink.


It is indeed a handy solution gathering on the peninsula both the stove and the sink, in order to have a close operational area, setting the necessary wirings up already during the planning of the installations.

Materials and depth in the kitchens with peninsula

The kitchen with peninsula can be customizable according to the client’s needs and to the space where it will be integrated. The peninsula’s supports and top can be customizable by choosing among 400 materials and finishes by TM Italia.
The peninsula can be finished on every side, respecting the style continuity with the top, or autonomously designed selecting materials that contrast with the surrounding.


In this New York linear kitchena peninsula has been settled, with a top in Nero Marquinia Lucido and Fenix Nero Ingo laminated supports.


Height and sitting spots in the kitchens with peninsula

If you wish a kitchen with peninsula, it would be better realizing it on a different height from the table one, in order to give a greater dynamism to the whole composition, playing with the volumetric.
In a kitchen with peninsula, this latter element turns out usually being higher that a normal table and, therefore, it is necessary choosing higher stools, as an alternative to the chairs.
For this TM Italia kitchen with peninsula, where the banquets and the underlying vertical upholsteries are made of essenza wengé wood, some adjustable stools were matched.

Cucina con penisola