Kitchens with island by TM Italia are versatile and multifunctional custom solutions. The island becomes the centre of the entire living space: a separate world made of uniqueness.

TM Italia | Cucina design Rua, rovere sbiancato e marmo, composizione con isola

The word “island”, as the dictionary reminds us, can have several meanings. It is a portion of mainland that emerges from the waters, but also a territory distinguished by particular characteristics of different nature. In a figurative sense, it can be an oasis of tranquillity and peace to escape from an uncertain, tormented situation.

The island allows you to combine functionality and aesthetics: a single central volume in which different elements can be contained and which can be used both as a work plan and as a table for quick meals.

In TM Italia’s kitchens with island, the island can be enriched by an electro-assisted movement of the upper worktop or a partial movement of the worktops, both electro-assisted and manual.

The islands can be made by TM Italia from a minimum depth of 70 cm up to a maximum of 120 cm; the space around the island must allow easy passage, the opening of the doors, as well as a practical preparation of food.

The kitchen with island represents a multifunctional, modern and refined space that combines domestic life and design. Into the project of a 50 square meters kitchen, built inside a villa in Beverly Hills, the main element is the central island. Sober and elegant, the entire composition is enhanced by clever use of different finishes between the surfaces.

When to choose a kitchen with island

The island evokes a small world apart where the degree of freedom and uniqueness are very high. Taking inspiration from this idea when designing a kitchen with an island can be a good starting point.

Kitchens with island made by TM Italia are suitable for any living space.
The solution developed for a prestigious multi-apartment interior project in Westminster is a combination of a contained linear recessed composition and a small but refined island.
They can be the ideal solution to furnish an open space since they can create functional spaces of harmonious connection between the living area and the dining area, such as this solution that integrates the kitchen and living areas while maintaining elegance and continuity between the two spaces, as in the kitchen project with an island in Gres Laminam Noir Desir made in Naples.

These functional solutions combine the preparation of food with moments of leisure, creating versatile spaces that change during the various phases of the day, supporting the daily activities of the family.
In a project realized in Kyiv, the monolithic aesthetics of the island is combined with the linear composition of columns set in the wall. The island features a large sliding worktop in Noce Canaletto that extends the operative area and the space of conviviality.

Kitchen with island is characterized by a well-organized worktop that extends to the living room, allowing interaction with other people, like this kitchen project integrated with living. In this way, the kitchen project blends in with the living area in a stylistic continuum creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola, design D90, colonne in legno di rovere
Kitchens with island: the integrations

A creative approach, innovative design and a sensibility towards the lifestyle and personality of who will live the kitchen every day are the musts of TM Italia in designing the heart of the home.
Kitchens with island by TM Italia can hide different functional elements and can enclose hob, sink, dishwasher, hood, cellars and even tables, revealing the various operational features only when necessary.
The space below the worktop can be used totally, by inserting practical drawers and baskets optimizing the depth of the island.

In TM Italia’s kitchens with island, the worktop can integrate a pull-out table, suitable for hosting several people; for the consumption of quick meals, however, the top can be completed by a snack-top, a cantilevered-top – which can be built in “inverted L” – or by an extension of the same worktop. In this project, inside an ancient cottage surrounded by greenery near Sydney, the island is built with the iconic Miuccia model in soft-touch blue lacquer and is based on the value of simplicity enhanced by the attention to architectural and tailoring details.
In the sophisticated kitchen project created in Weybridge, an English town on the outskirts of London, the kitchen with island is part of the elegant open space and becomes the nerve centre of domestic life.

TM Italia Cucina con isola, rame, rovere e pietra
Kitchens with island: models and materials

In the study of a kitchen with island, you can choose to work by contrast or by similitude, with different approaches or with a shared or similar stylistic matrix, composing unique and original solutions each time.

No limits to shapes, materials and colours of kitchens with island made by TM Italia: they can be made to measure in all the finishes listed in the vademecum. Doors and fronts of the island can be made with different materials and colours, according to or in contrast with the worktop.
Thanks to TM Italia’s limitless customization skills, design solutions can be endless.

In TM Italia the worktop can be made either in laminate – unicolour, stratified or Fenix – or in quartz, marble, granite, steel, stoneware or composite materials such as Corian.
The worktop of the island can be made with a straight or slatted edge, or on the “Evo” model where the top, in contact with the door, creates a minimum perceived thickness.
For a different impact you can choose the “Air” variant: in this case, the top will seem to be suspended, thanks to the 30° cut that allows the easy opening of the doors.
The combinations are endless thanks to a wide range of materials – woods, marbles, laminates, lacquers, metals, glasses, composite materials -, of colours – very wide enchanting palettes -, of functionality – preparation, cooking, washing, refrigeration, sharing, conviviality -, of robotic solutions – sliding worktops or those integrated with smart technology, intelligent lighting -.

The copper island created by TM Italia in London combines the elegance of copper with the materiality of wood and stone. A unique combination of functionality and quality, with precious materials that are warm and welcoming at the same time, with sober and refined lines, executed with great care. A cantilevered top of Bronze Amani stone extends from the island to the living room, suspended on a light metal structure made to design.

Inside a prestigious residential complex in Lido di Jesolo, the kitchen with island project is characterized by fine finishes and unique details. Clean and essential design on the T45 concept with doors and fronts in an intense black glossy lacquer finish in contact with the top in Nero Assoluti granite.

Technical evaluations

In the design of a kitchen with island, the lighting project is of great importance: the central worktop must have suitable lightings, such as to allow easy food preparation and a comfortable consumption of meals.

If the island is completed by a cooking area and appliances, the choice and positioning of the hood and all connections must be provided from the initial design.
The hood systems can be integrated into the kitchen with an island, as in the T30 concept, or suspended and enhanced by lighting systems, as in the Rua and G180 collections of the Prêt à Projet.

In this process, TM Italia has acquired great credibility as a competent and reliable partner in the planning, consultancy and pre and post-sales assistance.
Because an island can be deserted or crowded, minimal or eclectic, joyful or pouting, but it will always be unique.