Home automation kitchens are capable of supporting the evolution of modern lifestyles thanks to interventions that combine kinematic automation with the design and quality of materials. In home automation kitchens, intelligent technological solutions are adopted that are integrated into the elements of the kitchen to facilitate and facilitate the life of those who live it: mechanics, electronics and hi-tech merge, giving life to home automation projects on a human scale.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola, design Neolite, bronzo e pietra
Home automation kitchens: the characteristics

Home automation kitchens are characterized by the use of innovative technologies for living, which, for example, allow families to rationalize consumption, manage various kitchen functions remotely through apps and thanks to internet access and home IT now present in household appliances and in the various elements of the house.

The culture of home evolution is now widespread and the demand for these smart structural solutions for the kitchen environment is increasingly requested.

Home automation kitchens allow users to manage a whole series of services through suitable devices connected to the internet from a comfortable interface installed at home or remotely and through suitable devices connected to the internet.

TM Italia | Cucina con isola con dispensa estraibile dal piano di lavoro in acciaio inox
Home automation kitchens: TM Italia concepts

The concepts of TM Italia kitchen products are directed towards the creation of kitchens and living environments capable of simultaneously satisfying the needs of personal comfort, energy saving, usability and respect for the environment with an eye always and in any case to the aesthetic aspect.

The domotic kitchens or “smart kitchens” allow you to program the activation of various types of appliances, rationalizing time and making everyday life easier, making us independent from the frenetic pace of the city. Equipped with smart systems, they can facilitate the daily life of those who live there, be it an elderly or disabled person.

TM Italia’s home automation kitchens are complex systems to which electronic systems and sensors, developed and manufactured by the other partners, were then applied. A product that guarantees maximum flexibility and product customization.

TM Italia | Dettaglio cucina intelligente con piano di lavoro in acciaio inox